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I get an error message when I'm trying to stream on my desktop browser, why is that?

Error messages might appear for different reasons. Please try the below mentioned steps to try and solve the issue:
Close other tabs in browser and/or restart the browser
Close unnecessary applications running in the background
Empty cache and cookies from the browser
Check the number of devices using the same Wifi connection to ensure the necessary bandwith is available
Try the playback with different network connection method, if applicable (Ethernet instead of Wireless)
Try to use different network connection e.g. 3/4G hot spot
Restart your modem/router

If the above mentioned steps did not solve the issue, please reach out to our Customer Service with below information:
1. Account ID or email used to register your HBO account for faster support
2. Explanation of the issue (do you get an error message, did the device/ playback work before, when the issue started, does it occur on other devices with same Wi-Fi)

If possible, it would also be helpful to get a screenshot from task manager and CPU/MEM usage during playback, as well as a HAR file from developer console's network tab in the web browser.
For this, one should open the console (F12), initiate the playback until the issue occurs, then in the console right-click with the mouse -> ""save all as .har"".